to go to the doctor

By | 2012-10-31

Partial mastectomy, and will involve a simple one-time relocation and some surrounding tissue. This will not only eliminate the tumor. The program can also remove some of the healthy tissue around the tumor. Lumpectomy partial mastectomy, can also be classified as removed in addition to the partial mastectomy, a larger amount of breast tissue. Breast cancer is very common in women, it is a great possibility that you have this disease relatives. The reason may be due to a genetic defect, but the mitigating factors is an opportunity. Most of the women in the family history of cancer, the risk of other women. However, there are some women have a greater hazard. These risks, you may be very concerned about the you have the possibility of this disease. Forgot your anxiety, pain was diagnosed. Peace of mind, to go to the doctor, and for testing and evaluation. At an early stage, of course, when it is detected that the immediate treatment, the survival rate is very high. Breast excision of the entire breast and some auxiliary lymph node is called a modified radical mastectomy. In this procedure, the breast tissue and lymph nodes were removed. The process will involve the entire mastectomy and lymph node dissection can remove underarm nodes. Diagnosis of invasive cancer, may force the woman to undergo mastectomy, usually modified radical mastectomy. It will thoroughly check and easier to lymph nodes. This will determine whether the cancer has spread, or not more than the breast area.